Rallies are held once a month on Saturdays with lessons staring at 9am and the finishing at 1pm. During the hotter months we start and finish an hour earlier. Members are entitled to two lessons at each rally, one flatwork and one jumping. These are separated by an hour’s break; time for morning tea and a chin-wag!.  Two lessons of the same discipline may be possible to arrange upon request, but this is subject to scheduling availability.

The options for flat are the following:

  • Walk-Trot (WT) this is for horses/riders that would only like to do walk and trot.
  • Walk, trot, canter 1 (WTC1) this level is for horses/riders that are happy to walk  and trot but are starting their canter work.
  • Walk, trot, canter 2 (WTC2) this level is for horses/riders that are happy to walk, trot, canter and starting to refine these and work towards higher movements within the paces.

The options for Jumping are the following:

  • Poles
  • Up to 45cm
  • Up to 60cm
  • Over 60cm

There may also be the option to have a Cross Country, Team Riding or a Games lesson, if there is enough support and a suitable instructor available. We will let members know  when registrations open if these other options are available.  When registering for a rally you should indicate your interest for these.


Registering for a rally

Once the rally registration opens you need to email our Rally Co-Ordinator rally@peeladultriders.com with subject line as Rally registration with the month and provide the following information:

  • Which two classes you would like (e.g. Walk trot for flatwork and up to 45cm for jumping)
  • Proof of payment for the rally (details of account are below)

Registrations close on the Friday before each Rally (8 days prior) so the rally co-ordinator has time to get the groups organised and sent out.

Bank details are:
Account name: Peel Metro Adult Riders
BSB number: 066516
Account number: 10795700
Description: rally month and YOUR NAME e.g. Feb rally Joe Bloggs
Amount: $40 for members ($65 for Visitors/Guest riders)

If you are also making a payment for other items (e.g. uniforms) then this must be made as a seperate deposit.

How the day typically runs!

Before each rally the Rally Co-ordinator distributes the Rally Schedule via email and a post on Facebook.

At the rallies our gates open about 7.45am so everyone has time to arrive and be organised for the first lesson that starts at 9am (8am in the hotter months to beat the heat, the gate will be open an hour earlier also). We request that once you have your mount settled that you please come the club rooms to let one of the committee members know that you are here. If you are unable to attend on the day, we do ask that you let us know either by email rally@peeladultriders.com, phone (there will be a number on the rally groups which are sent out for each rally) or on Facebook so we know you’re ok!

Then you are free to either go and prepare for your lesson if you are up first or if on set up to be at the club rooms by 8.20 (7.20 in the hotter months) so the committee members can let you know what needs doing to get the grounds and arenas ready! When our lovely Rally co-ordinator Sheryl sends out the rally timetable the first page will tell you if you are on set up or pack up and also which committee members are available to ask any questions.

In-between lessons you are welcome to socialise at the Club Room and have morning tea. For morning tea we either ask that you bring a plate to share or pop a gold coin donation in the pot. This money goes towards things like the end of year fun day, days out or items for the club. There is normally a post on Facebook about morning tea before the rally where most people say if they are bringing anything and what lovely yummies it will be!

At the end of the rally the riders in the last lesson are free to sort out their hard-working mount and prepare to leave once their lesson is finished. Anyone on pack up is asked to come to the club rooms at 12.30 (11.30 in hotter months) to see what is needed to help get everything packed away before leaving themselves.

If you have any questions about our rallies please use our Contact Page or contact the Rally Co-Ordinator directly and they will be happy to answer any queries!