Frequently Asked Questions

If I only ride in one lesson, can I have a discount on my rally fee?

No. Rally fees are calculated on the basis that each rider participates in two lessons. The coaches are booked accordingly and need to be paid for the hours they work.

If I don’t attend a rally I have registered for, can I have a refund?

Coaches are booked for the rallies to ensure a very low rider to coach ratio. Unless cancellation is provided on the Friday a week before the rally. An exception is made if you or your horse are unwell or lame. In case we request that you provide evidence from your Doctor or Vet.

How many riders are there in a class?

Up to four, generally; often fewer; occasionally one or two more.

If I have to pay for each rally I attend, where do my membership fees go?

Membership fees covers our contribution to the Peel Pony Club for use of the grounds, our Public Liability Insurance, incidentals such as tea/coffee/milk, ribbons and trophies and a portion of the instruction. With rally fees at $40 per rally for two lessons, with 4 riders per class, rally fees bring in a maximum of $80 per hour of instruction, which does not cover the instructors’ fees. It is necessary to top up the rally fees from the membership fees.

Is the club insured?

Yes. All clubs are required to carry public liability insurance.

This means I am covered to ride at the club, yes?

No! It means the club is covered to have you riding there. You are strongly advised to take out your own personal accident and public liability insurance through, for example, PCAWA or EWA.

Can I choose which coaches I have at a rally?

No, sorry. All our coaches are very experienced and each can offer new insights into your riding. The rally coordinator tries as far as they can to ensure that throughout the year all riders have access to several of our coaches. It is understood that not every coach suits every rider but we do ask you to be open-minded about instruction and certainly be well-mannered in the event that you find yourself disagreeing with what you are being taught. Feedback, both positive and negative, should be directed to the committee. Please endeavour to keep criticism to yourself until you have time to seek out a committee member.

How do I register for rallies?

Everything you need to know about registering for rallies (dates, classes, payment etc.) is to be found on the Rallies page.

I registered for a rally and didn’t get a reply. How do I know my registration was successful?

The rally coordinator will not acknowledge your registration. The rally groups are sent out a couple of days before the rally. If your name does not appear, you should contact the rally coordinator immediately.

What is the Rally format?

Our rally day format is explained on our Rally page

Am I required to do helper duties at rallies?

Yes! Please present at clubhouse at your helper time for instructions. Helper duties ensure the smooth running of the day. If, for some reason, you are unable to do your helper duties, please inform a Committee member and offer to contribute to the day in some other way.

What if I don’t jump: is it still worth me joining the club?

Absolutely! “Jumping” can also be trotting over poles. Many of our members opt for this or nominate for team riding, games and in-hand classes! You can also ask to have two flatwork classes instead of one flat-work and one jumping. Equally, in fact, you can ask for two jump classes. The rally coordinator will do what they can to accommodate such requests but there are no guarantees.

What if the class I opt for is over-subscribed?

When the coordinator receives registrations, they will create classes to suit the requests. Sometimes there are too many riders opting for a particular level but not enough to create a second class. She will then work on a first come, first served basis so it pays to get your registration in early. If a class is over-subscribed, you may find yourself doing a class that is not at the level you have chosen. In this instance, it will always be a level lower than you asked for to avoid you being put under excess pressure.

Can I bring a stallion to the club?

No. The club has no facilities for stallions and they are not permitted according to the terms of our Public Liability Insurance.

I always ride bitless/in a stock/Western/treeless saddle. Is this OK?

Riding bitless is fine so long as you can demonstrate adequate control and are using a recognised bitless bridle (i.e. no riding in rope halters). Any type of saddle is acceptable. The onus is on the member to ensure the gear is safe and fits well. Please refer to the Peel Metro Adult Riders Club Gear Safety Guidelines.

I have a young horse I would like to bring down in hand. Is that OK?

Yes. Please notify the committee in advance. As with any horse on the grounds, we would ask that if your young horse is upset and becomes disruptive, impacting on the safety and enjoyment of other members, you remove it immediately. Note that no lunging is permitted on the grass but there is a round yard for the purpose.

Is there are club uniform?

Yes. The basic uniform item is a club shirt (long or short sleeved). Other items such as caps and jackets are available. Uniforms are encouraged but not compulsory unless you are going to represent the club elsewhere. In which case you will need a club shirt, white/beige/black jodhpurs and a red or black saddle blanket. It is possible (and helpful) to have your name embroidered on your shirt for $5. Sample uniform is available to try on at rallies. Order by telling the uniform coordinator or emailing them and paying for the item online. It will only be ordered after payment is received and if you pay in time will be ready by the next rally. Please pay for uniforms separately to any rally registration or other costs; this makes it easier for our Treasurer to keep track. You can view our uniform options on our Uniform page.